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Premiuim Option
Read me a story, Pa by ToxicKittyCat
Protector of Republic City by ToxicKittyCat
Forest Dark by ToxicKittyCat
Mr. Blue Sky by ToxicKittyCat
 Detail and background. 
This commission allows me to draw anything you want. Any complexity. Anything. Anywhere. Anyhow. 
Prehistoric Creatures
Trodoon by ToxicKittyCat
After the Hunt Dimorphodon by ToxicKittyCat
Lil' Raptor by ToxicKittyCat
Bambiraptor by ToxicKittyCat
 Everyone loves dinosaurs, those mysterious, quirky creatures that purused lands ages ago! Bring them back to life with this commission. From devious, scary, semi-realistic Albertosaurus to much calmer, cartoony Oviraptor. Any prehistoric creature, knock here! (Prefereably Raptors) 
Pony Vector
I just don't know what went wrong by ToxicKittyCat
Flawless Fluttershy by ToxicKittyCat
Ivorwen by ToxicKittyCat
Smexy Scroll by ToxicKittyCat
 Increasing popularity of this Flash-made animation can be reflected by this commission. Do you want certain scene to be vectorised? Original Character created? Your pony re-made? Or show brand new concept with character we all know and love? 
 Any pony Vectoring commission are more than welcome. 
Barely A Line
Cubbie Sticker by ToxicKittyCat
Rowling's New Heroes by ToxicKittyCat
Image by ToxicKittyCat
Image by ToxicKittyCat
 "Barely A Line" is a unique style that is applied for works to look like low-detail, material, stickers or chibi-styled clip arts. Perferably characters from books, movies or shows, OC's are welcomed too. 
 If you're searching for base to a sticker or a seemingly simple drawing this commission would suit you.


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Natalia Jagielska
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Might I welcome you to my Den. It is pretty dormant and stationery (at the current time), but when you look closer you'll find it a pretty cozy place. Or so I hope.
Hello, Hi. My name is Natalia, yet, I would rather prefer you to adress me by my imaginery pen-name of Leona Kerke. I originate from Poland (Witajcie wszyscy Polacy), yet currently I hold a quite comfy possition in Great Britain (quite rainy one as well). My fascination with art begun in distant past, mind me, the likeness of digitally transmitted works sparked when I was 12. Now I am 16 (old, so old), and as you see I still pursue path of artistry (slower than before, blame the age). My gallery is not stunning, fledged, inspiring, detailed or even decent, yet I would really appreciate you taking a moment of your short life to investigate it. And if you live-in-rush (like every poor soul in this century), I present you a small sneak-peak of my worthless doodles.
Temeraire by ToxicKittyCatPerfect Race by ToxicKittyCatDark path by ToxicKittyCatRowling's New Heroes by ToxicKittyCat

And this section is the ask section , everybody likes ask sections, it is written in human nature to pry and be curious.
-Do you do art trades/requests/commisions?
Requests are open only for friends, or when I am in the mood. Art Trades are rare, but not uncommon. Only Point Commissions are open (ask me for prices), don't fret, they are rather cheap.
-Why are you so good at art?
Sarcasm is lowest form of wit.
-Are you planning to continue career related to art?
No, yes, maybe. I am more of a Science person, but bohemian soul fiddles with me ever so often. Art is a mere hobby.
-What do you like to do?
Not much. I am cold-blooded, moving only when it is required. Also I adore geekiness: anything related to any of the sciences fascinates me. I love, love reading and talking about any sort of creative text. I am thinker and a writer, much of my free time is spent to those factors. I draw, no, doodle, a lot. (Dosen't everybody on this site?).
Any fandoms/peculiarities of any sort?
I adore quoting famous people. My arrogance reaches zenith. I love littering my brain with all sort of "Did-You-Know" trash. There's nothing better in the universe than Harry potter series, and nothing would ever tell me otherwise. I have no friends, I am very solitary, but not introvert. I like declaring open wars and being a child. My inspiration comes from fascination of nature. I adore people with Autism, high IQ, and other oddities that normal world has problems coping with. I like being enigmatic.

Classical music stamp by TollerkaGreat Faces of Science - Nikola Tesla by ThePrettiestSaladFemale Scientist Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSH Sherlock Smile stamp by TwilightProwlerPalaeontology Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFandom stamp by eternalsaturnVictorian Era by Alice-Kana-chanProud Introvert by Adaku5I love Barn Owls by WishmasterAlchemistAnxiety by CM-sanTCC: Literature by TheContestClubI love Falcons by WishmasterAlchemist

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